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The Beekeepers of the Napa Valley club has been around for nearly two decades and has been instrumental when it comes to dealing with bigger community problems outside our own hives. For example, until about 7 years ago, it was a code violation to keep bees in the city limits and the county set-backs were ridiculous. The BKofNV asked the Planning Commission and the City Council to revisit city and county codes for keeping bees. A handful of beekeepers and County Ag Commissioner, Greg Clark were the ones that spearheaded the movement, but the real weight came when this club showed up to the meetings! To see the revised code click here.

As a club, we enjoy collaborating with The Napa Farmer's Guild. Because of the lack of forage in our region, beekeepers are forced to pay more attention to supplemental planting. Many of us have sticky fingers, but not much in the way of a green thumb, so we enlist the help of the valley farmers. And the farmers, frustrated with a lack of pollination and inspired by the club, are now keeping bees to increase their yields. Essentially the beekeepers became farmers and the farmers have become beekeepers.

We are honored as well, to create fantastic hands on education opportunities with fellow beeks from The Sonoma Beekeepers Association. 


Now comes the YOU part.... There's a ton that goes into keeping bees. Our group has always been one that encourages our members to attend as many seminars, lectures, workshops, and hive dives as possible. The bigger part to hive management, the part that's outside your apiary, has a profound impact on you and your bees. That part of you being involved in a much bigger picture, being part of a community that can freely and easily disseminate information when situations arise that we all need to know about.  A new pest on the scene, fresh information that becomes available that could help you to become a better beekeeper, re-wilding, swarm chasing or maybe just an opportunity for you to help another beekeeper. Our mission is focused around community, helping one another and bringing more people together for collective learning.


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