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Building Community One Hive At A Time

Beekeeping isn't easy. When we understand bee biology, we can make more informed choices re: hive management. Come learn from your community and from our guest lecture series.

A big part of community is helping each other.  Bee a Mentor.  Find a Mentor.

Strength in numbers enables us to handle bigger beekeeping issues in our region. We primarily support a treatment free approach although all management styles are welcome aboard.  



Upcoming Meeting


Round Table Pizza 

3331 Solano Ave. Napa

In Redwood Plaza

May 15,2023


Just like the old days.... 


In an effort to make things a little more regular, we've decided to head back to our roots at Round Table for our monthly gatherings. For years we met at Round Table (3331 Solano Ave in Redwood Plaza) every 3rd Monday at 5 pm. Sure, it was casual, it was funky, but it was regular.  Regular and easy, that's what we're after, so please join us with any bee-related questions, comments, or concerns. We have their meeting space reserved for the next 6 months, so mark your calendars.


For the first meeting coming up on Monday May 15, we will mostly be just checking in, seeing where people are in regards to their bees, talk newbies through what to expect with their new packages, and do a hands-on dissection of a failed colony. We'll show you what that looks like, talk about what happened, potentially what you may have been abler to do to prevent it, and what you can do to prepare for the repopulation of your next colony.  We'll talk about the Beewhere program, what that means, who is involved, and why we'd like you to get behind it. Above all, we want to make sure that wherever you are on your 'bee journey,' you can connect with like-minded folks with whom you can swap stories and enjoy mutual support.

Everyone is welcome, bring a friend, be a mentor, find a mentor..

Upcoming Meeting~Save the Date


July 16th 2022 10a


Active discovery sessions happening at the NV BeeCo Apiary!


Demonstrations of inspection techniques 

Bring your veil, writing, and eating utensils as we will be loading you up on information and, as always… the best pot luck! 

Who should attend? 

ANYONE with first year bees! 

Do you have a swarm, split, nuc, package? 




With UC Davis Master Beekeepers- Cynthia Perry, Christine Kurtz

  • 10a - Welcome and introduction -

  • Club details, who we are, our mission, goals, and a few big asks (prepare yourselves)

  • 10:30 - Questions written on 3x5 cards

  • Split into groups for hands-on hive dives with various beekeepers - sit in on as many as you can, everyone has a different approach to going through a hive.

  • 11:30 re-group to go over questions, discuss what to expect in your hives for July, August, September.

  • Warning signs, what to look for on your monitoring trays - Christine Kurtz - 

  • Feeding, robbing, and what are the results of a mega drought on bees

  • Honey harvest? Think twice about it...

  • 12:30 start lunch and continued conversation

  • 1p Q&A wrap-up and end of the day break out session ~ to be announced 


     Pot luck! As always.  BYOEverything - utensils etc. and share your favorite dish with the club! 



Come!  Find a Mentor, Bee a Mentor! 


*Some good ol’ beeks and some new beeks like Wendy Rose, Jennifer Kimberly Creager, Adrian Ogden,Tom Clark, George Attobel, Nancy Lewis Heliotes, Greg Clark, and Mike O’dell, will all be there to answer your questions along the way. 


* As this meeting is in the center of an active working apiary, there will be bees, lots of bees. And ticks too!  You may want to bring your bee costume or at the least a veil and tuck your pants into your socks. It is your responsibility to protect yourself.

*It’s about a 150 yard walk to the apiary, so keep in mind you’ll want to be able to carry it in and pack it out. 




*1125 Golden Gate Dr. 

Coming from the North, turn Right at the silver fire hydrant and park where it says on the map just outside the gate.  Walk through the gate and follow the road to the left to the apiary.  Text Rob for info 707-486-5039.  


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